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About Us

Who we are and what we do.
We're crazy. We're silly. We talk about random things everyday. But we don't just exist.

Hey people of the earth!! Welcome to our page! This is Don’t Just Exist, and we are a crazy bunch of people. We’re idiots with big dreams and we’re gonna make you watch us pursue them. There’s Thomas, the boy (he’s literally the dark chocolate of the group). There’s Arianna, the superhero maniac (ask her anything about Marvel or DC, she’ll answer you). There’s Nikki, we don’t really know what she is (she’s like a punk rocker mixed with a little Dan and Phil). There’s Ann, she’s the joker of the group (she won’t stop laughing). There’s Kylie, (the cutest and most innocent one). And there’s Ngoi Min, the pretty one with really nice hair. Stay with us a little while, we'll make you proud.

Meet the Squad

We work hard and never give up, knowing that everyone is important.
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Arianna Kay

The Brains
Arianna can be smart at some times, but at others… well, she can be the WORST. She loves superheroes and doesn’t really like to follow trends.
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Thomas Yo

The Boy
Thomas Yo, the boy. He has a great sense of fashion and is also the glue that holds us together. He brings life to the band, and we wouldn’t know what we’d do without him.
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Nikki Cheah

The Livewire
We don’t know what she is really. Nikki has an awesome sense of humor, and always knows what’s trending (unlike Arianna). She’s great at selfies and insults, and LOVES 5SOS.
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Ng Ann

The Craziest
Ann just can’t stop laughing, and we don’t know why. It makes her the happiest in the group, and since laughter is contagious, we can’t help but smile around her. She also loves the color blue and despises pink.
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Ngoi Min

The Flawless One
She has everything – the pretty face, the awesome hair, the perfect teeth – and we all just adore her. Ngoi Min likes superheroes too, (her fave being Captain America) She’s great at sports and is always motivated.
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Kylie Ng

The Adorable One
Kylie’s the cutest of the band, and we all just love her. She’s always looks on the bright side of things, and we can always count on her to cheer us up when we’re down.

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